From Mr. Monnin

Forest Parents,
Our students and staff have been working hard as we wrap up our 3rd quarter.  Time flies when we're having fun.  Spring is officially here. You'd hardly know it as the snow doesn't want to let up!    This is by far my favorite time of year.  Spring brings new life and energy that we all benefit from.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

As the weather breaks and begins to change, I urge you to still monitor the temperature for the day.  I AM ASKING THAT  IF THE HIGH TEMPERATURE FOR THE DAY ISN'T GOING TO BE AT LEAST ABOVE 60, DON'T SEND YOUR CHILD IN SHORTS.  It's for their own health.  Thanks for monitoring this.   See information below about our dress code.

You'll also find many other great pieces of information about what's happening at Forest.  Please make sure to read our section from Kindergarten below!

Please contact me with any questions that you may have. 


Brent Monnin

Forest Kindergarten Program - items and information
You might be hearing that space is a bit tight in the Kindergarten classes.  Sometimes having to get used to new circumstances can be difficult. The important thing to remember is the end game - that our little ones are doing so well in their classes and they are learning and thriving! 

They have adjusted to being in school all day with the enthusiasm that 5 year olds bring with them.  Our teachers are experienced and professional, and are able to adapt to the changes that seem to be constant.  While we might have less space in some classrooms to spread out this year, it is not impacting quality education we strive for everyday.

The focus on academics was apparent in the Family Literacy Night on February 20th.  If you think about the programs we offer to make sure our children succeed (like Fundations, Wilson and Soar to Success) you will continue to be amazed at what they learn in their classrooms at a young age - even while they have fun like 5 year olds! 

We are all adjusting to having our youngest students with us all day in Kindergarten, and are focused on providing an optimal all day Kindergarten experience for your children.  One way we intend to improve on our current space is to have a wall divide the current room into 2 rooms, helping with the noise level and the visual stimulus on both sides.  These are plans for the summer of 2014.  If you have concerns please let me know and we can talk about it and figure out together how to make it better.

Kindergarten News from Mrs. Roll and Mrs. Jamieson
Hello from Kindergarten!  We want to share the many exciting things happening every day in our classrooms!  We are working hard in kindergarten, learning about letters, sounds, high frequency words, and about nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We are practicing how to tap out and decode our words when we read and write.  Some of our reading themes include "One Little Mouse", "Rooster's Off to See the World", "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", and "Lion and the Mouse".  We enjoy reading the little storybooks in each theme as well. We have learned many sight word songs to teach us our high frequency words. We could sing and dance all day long!  In math we are learning our numbers, the words that go with numbers, how to use a number line to add and subtract, are counting by ones and tens to one hundred, and using tally marks to count.  Having new specials, such as Music and Art, really make us smile. We are having so much fun!  Lunch and recess are also an added bonus!  We look too adorable bundled up from head to toe for the winter adventures that wait outdoors for us.  As a matter of fact, many of us are losing teeth too. We are just so excited to have "holes" in our smiles.  Yes, lots of work, but kindergarten is SO FUN because we get to use our imaginations and celebrate things like "100th Day!"  We make placemats for nursing homes, create kind Christmas letters for soldiers, and write nice letters to our Forest Staff.  Does that make you want to be in Kindergarten again?  Well it should!  We love our volunteers and want them to know how much they are appreciated.  So if you feel nostalgic and want to experience the joys of new experiences, please let us know and we will gladly put you to work in our kindergarten class.  What will be your reward?  Unending thanks from the teachers, love and hugs from our students, and the reawakening of the joys of being young!  Kindergarten rocks, and so do our students!  Come visit! 

As we finish our column, we also want to let everyone know the wonderful things that happen every day in our school, that families might be unaware of!  Did you know that our custodians not only take care of our building, but repair things like broken shoes and projectors?!  Our secretary makes sure your child gets a forgotten lunch or homework sent from home!  Our principal learns each student's name and visits classrooms so he knows what they are learning about each day!  The lunch and recess ladies worry about providing gloves and hats during cold weather for our children who have forgotten them!  The kitchen staff makes sure everyone has a lunch, even if a child has forgotten one.  Our school nurse takes care of sore throats, upset stomachs and fevers.  Our librarian and her volunteers make sure students share their love of books and reading.  The intervention specialists make sure students get extra phonics and reading support.  Our ESL educators work with children and their families to help support classroom learning.  The Forest PTA provides support financially and academically, from paying from speakers and book fairs, to field trips and Cultural Arts Day.  What a wonderful environment for learning!  In closing, we will leave you with this cheer:  "Two, four, six, eight... KINDERGARTNERS ARE REALLY GREAT!" 

The PTA is sponsoring a first ever walk-a-thon as a new fundraiser for Forest School.  Based on the success of this program, we will possibly be implementing it each year moving forward.  I'd like to thank Mrs. Beckman, Mrs. MacGregor, Mrs. Scott, and Mrs. Armentrout for your efforts and support to pull this event together.  The event will be held on April 25th during school, weather permitting.  Information came home last week explaining the event, with a pledge sheet for your child to seek out donations for their walking efforts.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Monnin.

Spelling Bee
We hosted our Annual 3rd Grade Spelling Bee on March 19th, at 2:30pm in the gym.  15 finalists from3 classrooms competed for a chance to earn first, second, or third place honors.  After some great spelling, and 17 rounds later, we had our top finishers.  Kaitlyn Manco earned 3rd place.  Sara Goduni placed second, and first place went to Juliana Nader, spelling SPECULATE to secure the victory.   The remaining finalists are Mitchell Bub, Payton Radle, Alyssa Rollins, Trisha Yarian, Xavier Balson, Layan Jaber, Alexa Steel, Grant Becker, Allison Nee, Sophia Roebuck, Jaheim Saunders, and Imani Wright.

Awards Program
We hosted our 3rd All Star Awards program on Friday, March 21st, at 2:30pm in the gym.  We recognized several students from each class for showing a great attitude, demonstrating great improvement, or for great achievement during the 3rd quarter.  Approximately 30 students were recognized. 

Cultural Arts Day
On May 9th, we are hosting our annual Cultural Arts Day for all students.  The PTA sponsors the event and organizes the day.  Artists and performers from all around come and share their talents with our students.  It's a day to remember.  Our students look forward to it every year.  In order to make it happen, we are in great need of parent volunteers to be part of our event.  Soon, you'll have a chance to sign up online for volunteering for the event.  Many hands make for light work! 

We are still collecting baby jars for the event too.  Please send in clean, washed baby jars with lids.  Thanks for all of your continued support.

Student Handbook information regarding attire
(Pages 7 - 8 of your child's agenda):

Brief and revealing clothing: Students must recognize that brief and revealing clothing is not appropriate apparel for school. The following guidelines on brief clothing are examples and do not cover all situations.  Students shall not wear tank tops, halter-tops, garments with spaghetti straps, or strapless garments. Garments that are "see-through," cut low, or expose the midriff are not acceptable. Sleeveless garments must extend to the end of the shoulders and fit closely under the arms.  Short shorts and miniskirts are inappropriate for the school setting.  Undergarments must not be visible.

Sagging pants: Students may not wear pants that, when fastened, sag or fit below the waist. All pants must fit around the waist and be properly fastened.

Items that may pose a physical danger are not allowed (i.e. chains, spikes, or spiked jewelry.

Hats/headwear: Students may not wear hats or headwear in the building except for medical or religious purpose.

Vulgar, offensive messages: Students may not wear clothing items that contain messages that are vulgar, offensive, obscene, or libelous; that denigrate others on a basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability; that promote alcohol or drug use or violence; or that are otherwise contrary to the school's educational mission.

Footwear: Shoes and/or sandals must be worn at all times.  Heeleys (or shoes with wheels) are not permitted.

Here are a few dates for you to keep on your calendar:
April 4      Report cards come home
April 8      Forest Cooking Demonstration @ 6:30pm in gym
April 11    Right to Read Week begins
April 23    PTA meeting at 7:00pm in our library
April 25    Forest 1st Annual Walk-A-Thon

May 6       3rd grade State Reading Test (Ohio Achievement Assessment)
May 7       Ohio School Pictures here for class pictures
May 8       3rd grade State Math Test (Ohio Achievement Assessment)
May 9       Cultural Arts Day
May 15     Open House / Ice Cream Social @ 6:30pm
updated 3/31/2014
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