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Early Childhood Program Mission

To provide an early language and literacy enriched preschool program in which all students are provided high quality instruction to capitalize upon individual strengths and cultivate all areas of development in a naturalistic, early childhood setting.  We believe that learning is enhanced by the opportunities provided to all children to interact with their environment and others.  The following assumptions founded through the works of Piaget, Erikson, Maslow, Kohlbert and Katz are emphasized.
* Children learn best when activities are developmentally and individually appropriate
* Children acquire the appreciation of differences in society through the interactions with diverse groups of children and adults
* Children learn best through play, exploration and discovery
* The inter-relationship between the child, family and community form the core of preschool planning
* Children need to have their basic needs met in order to fully develop their potential
* The dispositions that children need to acquire are learned primarily from being around people who exhibit them
We further believe that preschool programming should encompass and integrate all aspects of a child's development including: Self-help/independence, cognitive development, Sensory-motor development, Aesthetic awareness, Communication development & Social-emotional development.  Collaborative efforts between home, school, agencies and community enhance the preschool environment experience, and together they assist in preparing children for their next learning environment according to their own unique needs.  These efforts must support skills in decision-making, self-confidence, problem-solving and acceptance of self and others.  

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