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Middle School students study hands on science at Ohio State Stone Lab
Stone Lab Students
Read the article published on March 20, 2019:
Middle School teacher Shari Insley is hoping to have all of her students experience a trip to the Ohio State Stone Laboratory in Put-In-Bay to collect environmental and biological data to examine the water quality of Lake Erie and study macroinvertebrates along Gibraltar Island's rocky shores. 
Students take a science research boat trip to conduct the work of a scientist, measuring current environmental conditions including water temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, chlorophyll and more.  The students have the opportunity to collect benthic macroinvertebrates including Lake Erie fish.  In the Stone Lab the staff explain and discuss the geology, chemistry, physics and biology of aquatic ecosystems in Lake Erie. Students dissect a fish to examine internal organs and stomach content to deepen their understanding of water quality.